Why You Must Pay Attention to Goalies in Totals Hockey Betting

Goalies or goaltenders usually get the least attention in a sport team, but if you play hockey betting, you must pay attention to them, especially if you play with Totals method. Since Totals method asks you to bet on the odds of final score, the performance of goalie can be very critical to determine your wager especially if you use Totals method.

Goalie Roles in Totals Method of Hockey Betting

As the player responsible for guarding the net, goalies can determine whether a team will lose or win, and whether you will win or lose in hockey betting agen sbobet. Goalie with consistently good performance will make his or her team favorite among bettors, and they will be likely to wage on winning score. On the contrary, goalie with mediocre or even bad performance can also affect the outcome of a game. Read more

Understanding the Plus/Minus Stats in Hockey Betting

If you decide to bet on hockey, prepare to deal with a lot of stats and terms, which all long time hockey betting fans have been familiar with. Plus/Minus is one of the most commonly used stats, but it s also a source of many debates among fans, bettors and bookmarkers or sportsbooks. This is because Plus/Minus has wide measurement standards that can be interpreted broadly.

Calculating Plus/Minus in Hockey Betting

When you are involved in hockey betting and you base your wager on shorthand goal score, Plus/Minus is the measurement standard that is placed on each player in a team, depend on whether the team scores goal or not. When a team scores goal, each player in that team is called “Plus,” and each player in the opposing team is called “Minus.” The Minus points are then subtracted from the Plus points. Read more